thoughts of a journey

thoughts of a journey (turning into an odyssey)

september, 2020

during the last years, I´m on a journey, a journey to live a life from the heart. My heart connected with my soul and my mind. All three together as one, not the mind as a boss like it used to be in the past…

Living a life with more consciousness, more love, more mindful.

It wasn´t always that easy, combined with high powerful feelings, but also with sad and emotional depths, so often maybe more an odyssey then a journey.

The odyssey came so far that my body gave me another time-out.

My back, my spine limited me in my daily living.

Several herniated discs and arthrosis were diagnosed last march.

I reduced my way of living, also due to the pandemic situation.

My inner center got further and further away.

it wasn´t that easy to take some decisions, certainly concerning my jobs.

My body, in particular my back, is in a way “scarred by life”…

especially my time in the Belgian army I wasn´t that considerate with it.

easiness and springiness are longed for.

it affects my life on the outside so much, that I miss the easiness in my inner way of living.

during the last months I´m so thankfully to be surrounded by my own family and nature,

especially my lovely wife and our three boys.

they give me so much earthing. they help me to relief me.

We learned more to stand together, support and care for each other.

It wasn´t that easy in the last months to come out or to write something about my journey, but now I feel more motivated, optimistic and confident.

the time is so far that the odyssey turns again into a journey, my journey, our journey…

blessed and lovely greetings

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